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The Orrstown Bank Foundation

Committed to the Communities We Serve

An Investment in our Future

In 1919 our founders' vision was to support the people of Orrstown and the surrounding communities by establishing a local bank. That vision has evolved over the past 90+ years into the successful financial institution that Orrstown Bank is today. The Orrstown Bank Foundation was created to carry the legacy of our founders forward. The Foundation is in a unique position to render humanitarian, civic, and educational support in the communities we serve.

Mitchell Wirth, the winner of the 2012 Kenneth R. Shoemaker Leadership ScholarshipOne of the ways we give back to our neighbors is by offering scholarships to young people who wish to further their education. By doing this, we enrich and support our own communities. Annually since 2006, the Orrstown Bank Foundation chooses talented and promising students to receive educational scholarships. Starting in 2010, one student is also chosen to receive the Kenneth R. Shoemaker Leadership scholarship. With our help, these young people are able to enroll in college and pursue their career goals.

The Orrstown Bank Foundation hopes to provide financial aid to a wide variety of charitable organizations that will result in an improved quality of life throughout the regions we serve. By encouraging others in the Orrstown family to become contributors, we can make an even bigger difference through the good work of the Foundation.

We hope you will join us in investing in the future of our young people and the well being of our neighbors.

Pictured above are the Orrstown Bank Foundation’s 2012 scholarship recipients, along with Thomas R. Quinn, Jr., President and CEO of Orrstown Bank, Kenneth R. Shoemaker, Foundation President, and Anthony F. Ceddia, Foundation Board Member.

Mission Statement

The Orrstown Bank Foundation will make a positive impact on the quality of life throughout Orrstown Bank’s market area by supporting organizations that address local humanitarian and civic needs. The Foundation will place an emphasis on developing our future leaders through an active scholarship program that promotes higher education.

Foundation Board of Directors

Kenneth R. Shoemaker, President; Joel R. Zullinger, Vice President; Anthony F. Ceddia; Jeffrey W. Coy; Mark Keller; Andrea Pugh; Thomas R. Quinn, Jr.; Gregory A. Rosenberry; Glenn W. Snoke; John S. Ward